WATCH: Coast Guard helicopter crew rescues 5 people after ship sinks near Virginia

Business Insider | Sep 13, 2017, 09.03AM IST

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US Coast Guard

After Hurricane Harvey and Irma devastated the US, the heroic efforts of those who took up the call to assist those in need were made apparent through moving images of rescues and acts of gratitude.

On Tuesday, a US Coast Guard unit from North Carolina reinforced that fact after it received a signal from an emergency beacon coming from a sinking fishing vessel about 60 miles east of Cape Charles, Virginia.

MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crewmembers were dispatched to rescue five people after the fishing vessel took on water from severe weather conditions, according to the Coast Guard.

Upon arrival, the rescue team discovered that the 5 crewmembers were already in the water - two people were on an inflated raft while the other three held onto floating wreckage.

A diver could be seen giving a thumbs-up before descending into the water.

One by one, the rescuees were hoisted up into the helicopter in cages, where they each embraced and gave each other high-fives.

Crewmembers of the fishing vessel were then transported to Base Elizabeth City, where they were attended to by medical personnel.

Watch the entire video here:

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