This photographer will take you on a local tour coupled with a class in Rome, Italy

Tanya Dubey | Jul 24, 2017, 07.00PM IST
Italy- the land of pizzas, pastas and gelato- is also one of the most visited place in the world. Any traveler's bucket list features Italy and by default, the centre of the roman empire –Rome. While most of us have visited Rome or are planning to venture out in the city that houses the Colosseum, we will probably have the same experience as any other tourist around the world. While the main tourist attractions are not to be missed certainly, there are a few options for the travellers that want to discover Rome with a new perspective, literally. 58843168 A new perspectiveOn my recent trip to Rome, I found myself in the middle of a quiet area in the city called Trastevere. Airbnb has introduced trips on its platform which means existing and new local guides can give an insight into living in the city, no matter where you are. I chose to partake my time at an unusual tour which involved walking around the city, with a camera and taking shots of untouched places of Rome ending with a shot of the Italian expresso or the gelato. This sounded right up my alley except I wondered if the camera could be my smartphone because it is usually my only companion. Turns out, I could bring anything that captures moments, so off I went. Famous for its narrow cobbled streets lined with ancient houses, Trastevere is the 13th district of Rome, situated on the west bank of the Tiber River. Its name comes from a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the Tiber”.
While we waited for our trip host Antonis, we looked around the Piazza di San Cosimato where the local market is displayed from morning till noon.Living like a local Smiling from ear to ear, Antonis appeared and then after quick introductions. we went up the cobblestone alleys to San Pietro in Montorio. This gem is considered the first great building of the High Renaissance and Bramante’s sublime Little Temple is squeezed into the courtyard of the Chiesa di San Pietro in Montorio, on the spot where St Peter is said to have been crucified. 58814363 Antonis taught us simple skills to improve mobile photography as we walked enchanted by the Italian way of life. After clicking more informed pictures, we headed to the Fontana dell'Acqua Paola which is said to be the inspiration to the Trevi Fountain. Antonis was kind enough to take multiple shots of us and even gave us a momento in form of personal polariod pictures. We hiked up a little further to enjoy the aeriel city view from Gianicolo hill and the best part of it all was feeling the wind of change in a part of the city which isn’t tainted by tourists. We proceeded to Santa Maria di Trastevere which is in the heart of this district. This church is unlike any other Roman church with a large 13th century mosaic covering the walls and ceilings of the church, making it a truly breathtaking sight. We ended our walk at San Calisto's bar which is Antonis’ favourite and as he’s been living in the city longer than his home back in Greece, we believe him.
Ending on a sweet note The bar has unmistakably the best gelato in town and I opted for an ‘Affogato’ which is combination of an expresso shot and gelato usually vanilla or chocolate flavoured. As we walked back to the point where we started from, Antonis offered me his own gelato and I felt like a true Italian who isn’t shy of treating themselves. The three hour tour is too short if you ask me as you can spend hours appreciating the city of Rome the way Romans do. As Antonis says, there’s so much to see in Rome, you can never run out. Antonis provided us with a stunning video of the entire tour shot by Due Pinlac, take a look at it below.
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