This couple flew around the world in first class using airline points - and paid less than $2,000 for $55,000 of airfare

Business Insider | Mar 14, 2018, 12.09AM IST

Singapore Suites First Class Morning Coffee and Champagne

Courtesy Alex and Erin Miller

Erin and Alex Miller are experts on finding cheap flights that would otherwise cost a fortune.

  • Cheap-flight experts Alex and Erin Miller of UpgradedPoints.com flew around the world in first-class and luxury airlines.
  • Their eight-leg trip was valued at $55,000, but they managed to pay just $1,087 each.
  • Their secret is leveraging thousands of credit card points into frequent flyer miles.

Alex and Erin Miller are travel hackers extraordinaire.

In 2016, the couple launched UpgradedPoints.com to share their tricks for converting credit card points into cheap flights.

The Millers recently cashed in hundreds of thousands of points to book a month-long trip around the world aboard luxury airlines. Their eight flights, valued at more than $55,000, cost the couple just $1,087 each.

Read on to find out how they did it - and what it was like to ride with Singapore Airlines, one of the world's best international airlines.

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