The Missing Lynq' - this location tracking device doesn’t require your smartphone’s help

BI India Bureau | May 17, 2018, 01.52PM IST
Lynq trackers, when paired, show how far the devices are from each other.These trackers create a unique radio network and use the GPS for coordinates.The device requires no help from your smartphone and mobile networks.You would certainly know someone who has a poor sense of direction. Or are you that person? The one who gets lost every time you are with friends, be it at a mall or at an airport or a busy market?Take a sigh of relief, because a small gadget – a smart tracker – that can help in such situations has hit stores. This handy device called Lynq has a simple function – telling how far you are from your friends and in what direction. What’s the best part? It requires no mobile networks or applications on your smartphones. How does it work?Lynq devices need to be paired with each other. When paired, these devices create a unique radio network, use the Global Positioning System to locate it, and send coordinates to other paired devices. Simple, right? For instance, if you are a group of five, each one will have a Lynq tracker, all paired with each other. Imagine you’re in a forest for a hike or at a mall for a movie. Your Lynq tracker will tell you exactly how far you are from your friends and in what direction. Then, you just need to follow the arrow and distance on the small e-link screen to get to others.You can watch a video here: The peanut-shaped device has just one button and has two options – a long press and a quick press. However, the makers have found an innovative way to let users enter their names despite an alphanumeric keyboard being absent on it. You can simply rotate the device and align the arrow to the desired letter using the accelerometer. Neat, we say! What’s more?Lynq tracker can be linked to 12 other devices at a time, and is said to work best within a three-mile radius. Additional features in this small device include the option to set up a home base, to mark safe zones and to even send simple default messages like “Help”, “Hey, I am near you”.
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