The huge new 'Avengers' game is getting roasted because its superheroes look like knock-offs from the movies - here's how they compare

Business Insider | Jun 11, 2019, 09.55PM IST

Marvel Avengers Cap and Widow

"Marvel's Avengers"/Square Enix

Who are these people dressed up as Captain America and Black Widow?

The famous cast of Marvel's vast "Avengers" movie franchise is instantly recognizable.

Robert Downey Jr., for instance, has become synonymous with Tony Stark - the billionaire Marvel character who becomes Iron Man. (In fact, recent news of Downey Jr. working on climate change led to dozens of headlines claiming he wanted to be "the real life Tony Stark.")

And that's why so many people were taken aback when the huge new "Avengers" game was finally shown off on Monday night - the game features a cast that looks and sounds completely different from the version of the characters known around the world from the films.

So, how different are they? We've put together a thorough comparison below - you be the judge!

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