The 17 biggest questions facing teams as we head into what could be the wildest NBA summer of free agency in years

Business Insider | Jun 25, 2019, 06.21PM IST

Tobias Harris Jimmy Butler

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Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris are both big names with big decisions to make once free agency begins.

  • The NBA offseason is set to be one of the wildest we've seen in years.
  • Superstars will be hitting the market, with teams from across the league hoping to make a deal and chase a title.
  • Below we break down 17 teams as they head into free agency, and the biggest question facing each of them as the offseason begins in full.
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It didn't take long for the NBA offseason to begin, with the Los Angeles Lakers pulling off a blockbuster deal to bring Anthony Davis to Los Angeles just days after the Raptors won the title.

But the superstar shakeup is far from over, as a slew of talented players is set to hit the market this summer, either to re-sign new deals with their current teams or to bring on the challenge of a fresh start somewhere new.

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Free agency officially begins on June 30 at 6 p.m. On the eve of what could be the wildest summer of free agency in recent memory, we break down 17 teams hoping to make a splash, and break down the biggest question facing each of them.

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