The 11 most overrated things to do in NYC for the holidays

Business Insider | Dec 2, 2017, 08.44PM IST

how the grinch stole christmas


Sometimes you just wanna be a Grinch and avoid the crowds.

There's nothing more magical than holiday time in New York City - that is, until you have to push yourself through hordes of tourists and mouth-breathers.

The Grinchy, TLDR-version of this article is that virtually everything you plan to do in NYC over the holidays that usually draws a crowd is overrated. Sorry.

But take heart! There are some exceptions to this rule - and plenty of alternatives to choose from that won't result in you and yours getting overheated, trampled, mobbed, and then some.

To find them, Business Insider consulted staffers who live and work in and around New York City.

Here some of the most overrated things to do in NYC over the holidays, along with some caveats and alternatives.

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