Ramdev is now venturing into another lucrative sector and may soon surpass Ambanis and Tatas

BI India Bureau | Jul 15, 2017, 04.39PM IST
Baba Ramdev is already a known name in the Indian FMCG sector. And now after ayurvedic and grocery, Ramdev plans to venture into private security. The private -security industry in India is just Rs 40,000 crore and none of the big companies have ever ventured here.

Corporate needs to fear Ramdev as he brings with him the loyal fan following. The televangelist has rose to fame after his TV shows on yoga and meditation. The followers who know him since beginning would buy anything he offers.

Why the corporate needs worry about Ramdev’s aggression in business is because you never know what he will venture next. Tomorrow he can very well start telecommunication company or an internet start up.

Besides Ramdev foraying into private security means death of many smaller companies. Though Patanjanli has said that initially they want to try with their own institutions first with private security, it’s just a matter of time they would expand into big corporate companies.

Moreover Ramdev’s patriotic strategy works really well. According to an Economic Times report, Ramdev chose private security as his next business foray not just because it is a booming sector today; it also sits well with his brand that thrives on nationalism. He is not shy of announcing the nationalist sentiment behind his new venture. According to a statement released by the yoga guru, the company's aim is to "instill patriotic fervour among youngsters and create an ambience conducive for physical and mental development of the trainees.”

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