McDonald's employees reveal their 20 favorite menu items - and one bonus secret menu item everyone should try

Business Insider | Jun 12, 2018, 10.59PM IST

McDonald's employee food

Koji Sasahara/AP Images

Looking for some inspiration? McDonald's staff share their go-to orders.

  • McDonald's' menu has tons of options for fast-food fans.
  • And McDonald's crew members themselves have their own favorites.
  • Business Insider spoke with a number of current and former McDonald's employees about their go-to menu orders.

The McDonald's menu offers a pretty extensive overview of what the fast-food giant has to offer.

But, if you really want to know what's good and what's worth skipping, you can turn to McDonald's crew members for their insight. They make the food, after all.

And, according to Quora users who previously worked at the chain, many crew members choose to use their employee discounts - which vary from restaurant to restaurant - to buy McDonald's food during their meal breaks.

So what orders do crew members gravitate toward, whether they're on their lunch break or off-duty?

Business Insider spoke with several current and former crew members to find out. A number of McDonald's employees have also shared their favorite orders on Reddit and Quora.

Some crew members favored classic menu items, while others got more avant garde with signature-crafted selections.

Here's a look at some of McDonald's employees' favorite orders:

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