I've tried a bunch of different Wi-Fi routers - this is the one I keep going back to

Business Insider | Nov 9, 2017, 01.18AM IST



Netgear's Orbi router.

My home is littered with Wi-Fi routers.

I've got review units of everything from Google Wifi to Amplifi HD - and a lot in between.

But like anybody else, I can only use one Wi-Fi network at a time. And the one router system to which I keep returning is Netgear's Orbi, because it delivers fast, strong, and reliable signals throughout my home. It even extends into areas that with other routers would be the deepest and darkest of dead zones.

Part of the advantage of Orbi - and many of the latest router products - is it uses multiple access points to create a so-called mesh network. Previously, most consumers relied on a single Wi-Fi router for wireless internet access.

But single-router systems often leave dead spots, particularly in larger homes or older houses with thick plaster walls. To reach those dead spots, consumers have sometimes added on to their networks so-called Wi-Fi extender devices. But extenders can be difficult to configure, can slow speeds, and sometimes require users to manually switch their Wi-Fi connections.

Like router-and-extender combinations, the newer mesh systems offer much broader wireless coverage in your home than standalone routers. But they're better than the ad-hoc router-and-extender systems in every other way. They're easier to set up, they deliver faster internet speeds throughout your home, and you don't need to manually switch connections.

The lowest performing mesh systems are better than any router-and-extender setup I've tested. Indeed, every mesh Wi-Fi systems I've tried out has been impressive.

But the best of the all is Netgear's Orbi. Here's why I keep returning to it:

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