How to allow pop-ups on your iPad by turning off its default pop-up blocker

Business Insider | Jul 19, 2019, 11.25PM IST

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You can allow pop-ups on your iPad with these steps, though they're blocked by default.

  • Though pop-ups are often annoying and undesirable, you may sometimes want to allow pop-ups on your iPad's Safari browser.
  • Pop-ups can be an essential part of a webpage, like when financial sites use pop-ups to display stored documents.
  • The iPad has a pop-up blocker turned on by default. It prevents most kinds of pop-up windows from appearing.
  • If you need to allow pop-ups on your iPad, you can disable the pop-up blocker in the Safari section of the Settings app.
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Your iPad has a convenient feature that improves the web browsing experience: It includes a pop-up blocker that prevents many kinds of pop-up windows from appearing over web pages in Safari.

The pop-up blocker is on by default, and most of the time, that's exactly how you should leave it. But there might be situations in which you want to allow pop-ups.

Some web sites rely on pop-up windows to work properly - especially some financial sites like banks and credit card sites. Other sites use pop-ups to ask you to sign up for services like newsletters. If you want to sign up, you might need to actually see the pop-up.

You can allow pop-ups on your iPad with just a couple of taps. You can't specify a list of sites that you want to always allow pop-ups for, so you'll need to disable the pop-up blocker for all web browsing. We suggest allowing pop-ups temporarily when you need it, and turning the feature back on again when you're done.

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How to allow pop-ups on an iPad

1. Start the Settings app.

2.In the pane on the left, tap "Safari."

3. In the General section, turn off "Block Pop-ups" by swiping the switch to the left.

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Enable pop-up windows by turning off "Block Pop-ups."

You've now allowed pop-ups in Safari until you return to Settings and turn this feature on again. To turn your pop-up blocker back on, just swipe the switch back to the right.

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