Forget San Francisco - these 6 global cities have thriving tech hubs that could make them the next Silicon Valley

Business Insider | Jun 7, 2019, 09.00PM IST

Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv has been called "the next Silicon Valley."

Move over, Silicon Valley - cities across the globe are vying for a spot as the world's leading tech hub. Several have even been called "the next Silicon Valley" or dubbed the Silicon Valley of their country or region.

Major cities like London and New York have witnessed growing tech sectors, while others, like Sydney, are undergoing government plans to become their own Silicon Valley. While it seems that many big cities these days are turning into tech hubs, only a few are truly being defined by their tech industries.

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Many of these flourishing tech hubs are not only attracting young workers but also ushering in a new wave of wealth, resulting in changes like luxury property booms and old neighborhoods undergoing revitalization periods.

From Tel Aviv to Berlin, take a look at six global cities that have been likened to Silicon Valley.

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