Finnish snowboarding coach knitted at the top of the hill for the second straight Olympics to make his athletes laugh

Business Insider | Feb 12, 2018, 11.40PM IST


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  • Finnish snowboarding coach Antti Koskinen was caught by cameras knitting right before his boarder's run in the men's slopestyle.
  • According to a report, Koskinen knitted at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi as a joke to keep things light with the athletes, so he brought it back at Pyeongchang.
  • It seems as though many of Finland's athletes have taken up knitting in their off-time at the games.

Finnish snowboarding coach Antti Koskinen is back at the Winter Olympics and still knitting.

On Saturday, right before Finnish snowboarder Roope Tonteri set off on the qualifying run in the men's slopestyle event, cameras caught Koskinen at the top of the hill knitting.

Though it was a surprising sight to many, according to Yahoo, Koskinen also did this at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Yahoo's Sam Copper reported that Koskinen began doing it at Sochi to keep things light for the snowboarders - a mild joke. Tonteri apparently got the biggest kick out of it, so Koskinen kept doing it.

Here was Koskinen on Saturday.

And here he was in 2014 in Sochi:

antti koskinen

NBC Olympics

The Finnish Olympic social media team knew Koskinen had once again brought his supplies.

It looks as though many of the Finnish athletes have taken up knitting.

Unfortunately for Finland, none of the snowboarders qualified for the slopestyle final. On the bright side, they have more time to knit now.

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