If a recent study by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras is to be believed, the fuel wasted due to the idling of vehicles, productivity loss, air pollution and road crashes cost as much as Rs 60,000 crore annually.
Delhi’s vehicular growth has rapidly grown and the current congestion that you face every day has no simpler way to de-clutter. The study shows, the wastage cost would increase to Rs Rs 98,000 crore by 2030 unless some steady measures is taken at emergency basis.

The study recommends making of dedicated bus bay as the daily commuters who use buses to reach their workplace lose a major productivity while standing still at traffic jams.

"One study by IIM-Calcutta in 2012 had shown how Rs 60,000 crore was being lost because of congestion on the entire NH network. Our study showed how the cost of congestion is similar only in the national capital,” Harry Raymond Joseph, one of the authors of the study told The Times of India. The other two authors Gaurav Raina and Krishna Jagannathan are faculty members at IIT, Madras.

Harry told TOI, about 50% of these costs can be offset by making a single infrastructural change - dedicated bus lanes - and using smart traffic management systems.

The study mentions buses are the most popular means of road transport catering to about 60% of Delhi's total demand and the average occupancy in buses is 20 whereas the average occupancy in cars and two-wheelers is 2.2 and 1.2 persons respectively.

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