A key Samsung executive who worked on Bixby, Knox, and Samsung Pay is joining Google

Business Insider | Feb 13, 2018, 04.09PM IST

Injong Rhee

Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Former Samsung CTO Injong Rhee speaking at a company event, discussing Samsung Pay.

Samsung's former chief technology officer (CTO) Injong Rhee is joining Google, according to a new report from ZDNet.

Rhee joined the Korean giant back in 2011, and has worked on a series of important projects such as Samsung Knox, the company's enterprise security platform; Samsung Pay, its mobile payment system, and Bixby, the firm's digital assistant.

ZDNet reports that Rhee was also instrumental in Samsung's acquisition of Joyent, a US-based cloud-focused firm that would help in the development of software services at the company, whose "reliance and need" on the cloud was "ever-growing."

Following almost seven years at Samsung, Rhee is now moving on to Google to become an entrepreneur-in-residence. ZDNet reports that he will work on IoT (Internet of Things) "projects," which might have to do with devices like the Google Home family (and Google Assistant), or the recently re-absorbed Nest.

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