A Capitals player relentlessly tried to get a little girl a puck before a game and earned praise from the sports world

Business Insider | Apr 16, 2018, 08.45PM IST

  • Washington Capitals wing Brett Connolly earned praise for getting a young fan a puck before a game.
  • Connolly twice threw pucks over the glass to a little girl, only for two boys to get the pucks instead of her.
  • On a third attempt, Connolly finally got the puck to the little girl, and she reacted excitedly at getting a souvenir.

Washington Capitals wing Brett Connolly earned praise with a great display of etiquette when he relentlessly insisted a little girl got a souvenir before the Capitals-Columbus Blue Jackets game.

During warmups, Connolly tossed a puck over the glass to a little girl sitting up against the glass, but a young boy next to her got the puck instead.

The little girl seemed dejected.

Connolly then skated back, picked up another puck, and tossed it over the glass - only to have another fan pick it up.

Finally, Connolly made a third trip for a puck, took a few tries to get it over the glass, then successfully got the puck to her, making her night.

The sports world reacted with love toward Connolly's gesture.

Watch the entire video below:



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