9 predictions from old sci-fi movies that actually came true

Business Insider | May 11, 2019, 07.35PM IST

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The 1990 film "Total Recall" may have predicted the rise of self-driving cars.

  • We looked at some of the best sci-fi movies in history to see what kinds of predictions they made about technology and the world.
  • Many predictions are hilariously inaccurate, but some have proven eerily correct decades later.
  • Memorable movies like "Blade Runner," "The Terminator," and "2001: A Space Odyssey" predicted modern-day tech like military drones and cell phones.
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Not all science fiction films age well, and often the predictions they make are hilariously misguided.

1987's "The Running Man," for example, contended that in the year 2019, we'd be watching battle royale-style murder on live television.

2019 is also the year that "The Island" predicted human clones would be farmed like cattle for their organs - and that film hit theaters a mere 14 years ago.

But some classic sci-fi films made rock-solid predictions that proved eerily accurate decades later. Movies such as "Blade Runner," "The Terminator," and "2001: A Space Odyssey" are all worth revisiting for the modern-day technology they predicted.

Despite some great contenders from the last decade or two, we established the drinking age rule for this list: We looked only at movies that were 21 years or older (so tough break, 2002's "Minority Report").

Here are nine predictions from old sci-fi movies that actually came true.

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