7 hidden fees that will make your cruise more expensive than you thought

Business Insider | Jun 24, 2019, 10.31PM IST

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  • Your cruise fare most likely includes meals, accommodations, and entertainment, but you will probably encounter some hidden fees and unexpected charges, too.
  • Surprise gratuity fees and drink packages with unexpected catches can quickly add up and make your vacation more expensive than you thought.
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On an all-inclusive cruise, your fare will include meals, accommodations, and some entertainment options.

But that doesn't even begin to cover all the money you'll actually spend on your vacation.

While all-inclusive cruises can offer passengers great value, there are some hidden and unexpected fees that can catch cruisers off-guard and quickly make a dent in their wallets, including surprise gratuity fees and drink packages that come with a catch.

Whether you're a new cruiser or have sailed for years, be on the lookout for these fees which may surprise you at the end of your trip.

Here are some fees that you may not realize you'll have to pay on your next cruise.

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