6 morning routines that are hard to adopt but will pay off for life

Business Insider | Nov 28, 2017, 08.49PM IST

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What's your morning routine?

The early birds will inherit the earth.

At least that's what a 2009 University of Leipzig study found. The researchers concluded that "morning people were more proactive than evening types."

But being an effective early riser isn't just about waking up before everyone else. It's about putting yourself in a positive mindset and getting important things done before everyone else.

So there's no point in setting your alarm clock at a crazy-early time if you're just going to zone out in front of the television for a bit before slouching off to work.

To start your day right, you've got to get into some good habits.

Following are six morning rituals that may seem hard to adopt but will ultimately reap major rewards, if you stick with them.

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