5 entrepreneurs share reasons behind failure of their startups

Akanksha Jain | May 10, 2017, 01.45PM IST
Failure should also be celebrated like success stories are. Failures give you lessons for life and more wisdom to proceed further.

Failures do not necessarily mean you can’t do it, it’s all about starting afresh with new ideas, zeal and vigour.

For instance, Alibaba’s Jack Ma was turned down by 30 employers but he remained optimistic. He was even rejected by KFC and now look at him. despite his share of failure, Jack Ma did not give up and went on to launch a company which has the largest IPO in history.

Even Albert Einstein, JK Rowling, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, etc failed multiple times but never gave up. They continued with their efforts and we all know their success stories.

In India, there is a wave of startups and many entrepreneurs are launching their startups. Some have been greatly successful and some have not done fairly well.

In a Quora thread, entrepreneurs share the reasons behind failure of their startups.

They also say failure is the first step to success.

Here are the stories

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