37% of Netflix subscribers say they binge-watch while at work

Business Insider | Nov 14, 2017, 08.38PM IST

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  • New survey data from Netflix shows that about 37% of Netflix users binge-watch while at work.
  • 67% of Netflix users watch Netflix outside of their homes.

In a new survey conducted by Netflix (via SurveyMonkey), about 37% of Netflix's US subscribers said they binge-watched while at work.

The data also revealed that about 67% binge-watch Netflix's shows and movies outside of their homes, while 60% said they'd increased their public binge-watching within the last year.

That makes sense considering Netflix began allowing its subscribers to download shows and movies on the Netflix mobile apps just last year, giving the option to watch content "offline" instead of using mobile data.

The ability to more easily watch Netflix's content offline could explain why subscribers are now binge-watching wherever they go - including public bathrooms. 12% of US subscribers confessed to watching Netflix in public restrooms, according to the survey.

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