20 things you never see in malls anymore

Business Insider | Nov 14, 2017, 09.56PM IST

avril lavigne mall tour 2004

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Many features that were once common in shopping malls have become obsolete.

  • As shopping malls struggle to attract consumers, many have closed or converted to serve new uses.
  • Many features that were once common at malls have becoming increasingly rare.
  • These include playgrounds, arcades, and appearances and concerts from pop stars.

Malls once played a pivotal role in how we shopped and socialized. Many malls that would once be crowded on any given afternoon are now struggling to fill vacancies, with some being converted into residential or business centers.

As a result, malls have lost many of the distinctive stores and features we used to associate with them.

Here are some of the stores, features, and behaviors you no longer see in malls.

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