190th-ranked tennis player hit a twisting, behind-the-back return in one of the wildest shots you'll see

Business Insider | Jan 11, 2019, 04.36AM IST

  • Dan Evans, the 190th-ranked tennis player in the world, hit an incredible shot in an Australian Open qualifier.
  • Evans over-played a shot and his opponent hit the ball behind him.
  • Evans spun around, hitting a twirling, back-handed return that cleared the net for the point.

Dan Evans, the 190th-ranked tennis player in the world, hit one of the wildest shots of the year on Thursday in a qualifier to make the Australian Open.

In the first set, leading No. 208 Jurij Rodionov 4-2, Rodionov ran to the net to hit a return. Evans, playing deep on the court, ran to his right, trying to guess the direction. Rodionov instead hit it closer down the middle.

Evans, having over-played it, spun backwards, taking his right hand all the way behind him as he hit a twirling backhand for a winner. Rodionov didn't even move.

Check out the shot below:

Evans won the match in three sets. He needs one more win to make the Australian Open, which starts next Monday.

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